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Conzivit – L Plus Tablet



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Indications –
*Solar urticarial
*Polymorphic light eruption
*Deficiency disorders
*Lupus erythematosus
*Premature wrinkling of the skin
*Photoallergic drug reaction
*Pemphigus vulgaris
*Wound healing
*Protein-damage in the skin
*Multivitamin B-Complex Therapy
*Brittle Nail Syndrome

Benefits –
*Produces photo protective effect against UV-induced erythema (Lycopene)
*Help in wound healing
*A useful supplement in pemphigus vulgaris (Selenium)
*Enhances anti-oxidant defense with betacarotenes
*Extends built-in support of vitamin C


Vit A 2000 IU, vit E 10mg, vit C 40mg, Zinc 7.5mg, Lycopene6%- 10mg, Betacarotene10% – 20mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid -15mg, Co-Enzyme Q 10mg- 10mg, Niacinamide – 10mg, vitamin B6 2mg, vitamin B7 (Biotin)3000mcg, folic acid 100mcg,L-Lysine 50mg,L-Arginine 10mg,selenium dioxide 40mcg,Copper Sulphate 1mg, energy 8.73kcal, carbohydrate 2.02gm, Sugar 0.00gm, protein 0.073 gm, fat 0.38gm