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Lucaina AHF Shampoo


200 ml

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Indications –
*Primary Hair Loss
*Hair loss due to environmental factors
*Drug Induced Hair Loss
*Flourinated Water-induced hair loss
*Harmone related hair loss

Benefits –
*Strengthens hair, Prevents hair loss without any side effect
*Its moisturizing property improves the elasticity of strands
*Can moisturize hair & scalp & protects hair from everyday damage
*It helps in the prevention of dandruff, itchy Scalp & bacterial blisters in the head.
*Balances hair & scalp pH, makes hair smoother & easier to detangle, shiner, less fizzy, less prone, to breakages & more moisturizes
*Used as an anti static agent & hair detangler. Delivers a silky, Smoother feel to hair
*Helps against premature graying, fights Lice Infestation, lends a healthy, shine & add volume to hair
*An excellent Hair conditioner for extra care.



Procapil, D- Panthenol,Onion Extract, Moringa Extract, Argan Oil