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Rhone Acne Facewash


70 ml

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Indications –
*Inflammatory acne
*Non-inflammatory acne
*Acne with seborrheic dermatitis
*As supportive to other anti-acne measures

Benefits –
*Effectively eradicates Propionibacterium acne (P. acne) bacteria responsible for acne production
*Removes the base support for the growth of acne bacteria by desquamation (peeling) off the affected skin
*Improves hygiene and prevents reinfection
*Soothing and free from any drug-related irritation, itching and burning
*Provides nourishment and antioxidant effects for healthy growth of the skin



Salicylic Acid + Triclosan + Aloe Vera Extract + Vitamin E Beads + Glycerine + Cococ Amicide Propyl Betain + Di Sodium Ethylene + Diamine + Tetra Aetic Acid + DM Aqua + Fragrance